Fun with élan on a catamaran

A catamaran is, so to speak, two parallel ships plus a saloon (not to be confused with salon) in the middle defined as multi hull and informally called cat. Although this form of transport has been used in the past, its introduction into the nautical world is relatively recent. Nowadays the catamarans have perfected their designs and become popular boats in the charter industry offering their guests space and comfort, stability, high maneuverability and significant speed performance among many other advantages. Its propulsion can be Sail or motor. If you are one of those who are not willing to sacrifice comfort and space while cruising, then your next private yacht vacation will probably be aboard a catamaran.

The word catamaran has its origins in the word “Kattumaram” that in Tamil language, practiced in India and Sri Lanka, means two trunks tied up together – Wikipedia.

Take a look at the bountiful list of catamarans available in the most beautiful destinations and secure your dream holiday right now.

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